Monday 18 July 2022

More Flamsteed Mysteries


I have come across another of what I call the Flamsteed anomalies. While looking around Leo I came across Fl 71 Leo which at magnitude 7.0 and is a spectral class K1 giant is clearly below naked eye visibility. It is not listed in catalogue 2000 as Fl 71 but by its HD number 98824. (HD stands for the Henry Draper catalogue).

Next to Fl71 is the star HD 98547 at magnitude 7.1 which is not listed by flamsteed, this star is a main sequence A0 class star.

What is bizarre but is becoming an increasingly common feature when I explore the areas of the sky away from the Milky Way is just how many stars should have been listed by Flamsteed but weren’t and how many stars that should not have been, but are!!!

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