Sunday 16 March 2014

Astronomy Scrapbook Friday 14th March 2014

On This Day (1)
14th March 1879 birth of Albert Einstein

What does one say about Albert Einstein his formula E = mc2 is probably the "the world's most famous equation"

On This Day (2)
14th March 1881 fall of Middlesbrough Meteorite

Seen to fall near a railway line near Middlesbrough in North East England the meteorite due to its shape  is classified as a text book example of an Oriented meteorite.

On This Day (3)
14th March 1986 Giotto closest approach to Halleys Comet

The Giotto space craft was designed to investigate Halley`s Comet. It`s closest approach to it to within 596 km of the nucleus and sending back its famous photograph

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