Wednesday 12 March 2014

Astronomy Scrapbook Thursday 13th March 2014

On This day (1)
March 13th 1781, discovery of Uranus

The planet Uranus was discovered this day by the astronomer William Herschel from his garden in the city of Bath, England. Uranus had actually been seen before. Sir John Flamsteed actually observed it at least 6 times and cataloged it as 34 Taurus!!

On This Day (2)
March 13th 1855 birth of Percival Lowell

American business man and astronomer who believed that there were canals on Mars he built the Lowell observatory at Flagstaff Arizona to search for them. On building the Lowell observatory astronomers chose for the first time a remote, elevated place for good seeing conditions. He also started the search for the planet Pluto.

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