Wednesday 9 January 2019

The Astronomy Show 09.01.19

The Astronomy Show 09.01.19

The new year brings all change on the Astronomy Show as this will be my last afternoon show, but its not the end of the Astronomy Show because I will be moving to a new evening slot and starting on Monday 14th January the Astronomy Show can be heard live from 7.00 pm - 9.00 pm.

However back to the here and now on the show today I will be looking at the incredible events  that happened over the festive period with the New Horizons mission reaching Ultima Thule and the Chinese Chang'e 4 craft landing successfully on the far side of the Moon.

The other regular features include a review of the night sky not only for the next few days but also the month ahead including a quick look at the eclipse of the Moon that will occur on the morning of January 21st, there will be a much more detailed look on the eclipse on the show on Monday 14th.

There will be the latest astronomy news, including the best space stories of 2018,  the astronomical scrapbook will be looking at astronomical  anniversaries that happened this week, including in 1848 the death of Caroline Herschel and  the discovery of the great daylight comet in 1910. The A-Z of constellations has reached Ursa Major the Great Bear and the Messier marathon is now at M87 in Virgo. There will also be the usual round up of news from astronomical societies in the north of England.

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