Monday 21 January 2019

The Astronomy Show 21.01.19

The Astronomy Show 21.01.19

On the Astronomy Show tonight I will be talking a look back at the Lunar Eclipse this morning, it was a great sight although we did have a little bit of haze in the sky the Moon did become a  wonderful red colour.

There is disturbing news that suggests that the Earth might be in the middle of a giant asteroid spike a billion year survey reveals, there will be more details on the show.

The regular features include a look at the sky for the next 7 nights  plus a round up of the latest astronomy news including news that China's Moon plants have died and that the rings of Saturn may be younger than the dinosaurs.. There will be the A-Z of constellations which tonight has reached Vela the Sails once part of Argo Navis the largest constellation and the ship that Jason and the Argonauts travelled on while searching for the golden fleece. The Messier Marathon has another double edition today as we stay in Virgo and look at the galaxies M89 and M90.

The astronomical scrapbook which looks at anniversaries this week will include in 1892 the death of John Couch Adams co discoverer of Neptune, and in 1967 the Apollo fire which caused the death of the 3 Apollo astronauts. There will also be the round up of the latest news from the astronomical societies in the north of England.

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