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Moses Holden and Astronomy Lectures in Liverpool in 1837


Moses Holden presents Astronomy Lectures in Liverpool in 1837

On Monday, the 23rd Tuesday the 24th, and Wednesday, the 25th 1837 , Mr. HOLDEN will Deliver a COURSE of ASTRONOMICAL LECTURES in the Liver Theatre Liverpool, and repeat them on Thursday 26th Friday the 27th and Saturday, the 28th 1837 illustrated with his beautiful Transparent Orrery, twenty-four foot in diameter. Also a great quantity splendid Scenery, Telescopic Views of the Sun, Moon, Planets, Comets, Stars, Nebulae, &c. shining as in Nature, enlightening all the place.

For particulars, order &c. see the Syllabus.

Ticket's may be had at the Mercury and Courier Offices; of Mr. CANNEL, Bookseller Castle street; Messrs. Wilmar and Smith, Church Street; Mr Walker, Optician, Pool- lane; Mr. H Penn,  Baths, George’s Pierhead; and of the Lecturer, at Mr. Killey’s 42, Russell-street.

The Lecture commences each Evening at seven o'clock. Boxes, 3 shillings; Pits, 2 shillings ; and Gallery, 1 shilling each Lecture.

The Review of Mr Holden's Lectures

Mr. Holden concluded the three courses of astronomical lectures last week. We were glad to find that they were so well and respectably attended. The boxes were crowded every evening; indeed in the first two courses many had to go into the pit who wished to be in the boxes. We have no doubt that whenever Mr. Holden repeats his visit to Liverpool, he will be well received, for he is truly a practical man, and a clever and indefatigable lecturer.

He has voice equal in compass to the largest building, is quite at home even in the details of the science, often relates an anecdote with a pleasing humour and much force of expression. The Orrery is indeed grand, and the scenery excellent, for the Solar System is brought home as it were to the understanding of the most uninformed, and the Telescopic views of the various planets are so admirable, that we question whether the reality would afford more satisfaction or instruction.

We understand Mr. Holden is about to visit Warrington and Wigan.

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