Saturday 8 May 2021

Astronomical Lectures in Leeds in 1810


Leeds Mercury Saturday 22nd September 1810

Theatre Leeds

Mr Llyod has the honour most respectfully to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Leeds and its Vicinity, that he intends, early as the proper arrangements can be made to give his COURSE. of ASTRONOMICAL LECTURES, illustrated by the :

DIOASTRODOXON, Or Grand Transparent Orrery, Accompanied by tlae CELESTINA.

With all the splendid Scenery, explanatory of the seasons, eclipses , tides and comets as exhibited in London, and the University of Oxford. -The Whole forming the most perspicuous and comprehensive view of the WORKS of the CREATOR in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Lloyd's extensive improvements on the Transparent Orrery, having excited humble Imitations, under the Description of Originals and Descriptions and as no Person whoever read upon a Transparent Orrery was ever the Inventor of one, he feels it his Duty to caution the Public, against being imposed upon by so notorious quackery.

Subscription to the Course, Three Lectures, Nine Shillings, Epitome included – tickets transferable

Subscriptions are received at the Leeds Mercury Office, where may be had an Epitome of the Course . Non- Subscribers Price One Shilling.

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