Friday 7 May 2021

Occultation of Saturn seen from Leeds in 1900


 Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer Friday 7th September 1900


To the Editor of The Yorkshire Post. Sir,—

This interesting phenomenon was seen here on Monday, 3rd inst. The disappearance took place at the dark east limb of the moon, and lasted about 80 seconds, the west part of the ring, then the planet, then the east part of ring, being successively hidden. The major axis outer ring measured about 40in. The moon, near meridian, had an altitude of some 15 deg, and was yellowish. Saturn appeared very pale, almost white, in comparison with the moon.

The times of beginning and ending were, approximately, 7h. 12m. 18s., and 71a 13m. 28S, so that the occultation hero occurred earlier than Greenwich, for which place 7h. 16m. was the predicted time for disappearance, and 8h. 11M for reappearance. The reappearance of the planet the moon’s bright west limb was entirely lost in cloud.

The telescope is a 3.25 inch refractor, and I observed with power of 105.—Yours, etc., C. T. WHITMELL, President Leeds Astronomical Society. Leeds. 6th September.

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