Friday 20 May 2022

A 15 inch Cooke for Brussels


Yorkshire Gazette Saturday 15th May 1880

A York Telescope for Brussels Observatory

Messrs T Cooke & Sons, opticians of this city, had the honour some time ago of receiving an order from the Belgium Government for an equatorial mounting for a telescope with an object glass of 15 inches diameter, which is to be placed in the Royal Observatory Brussels.

The work has just been completed, and the instrument presents a fine specimen of mechanical art and skill. The tube about 21 feet in length, and the stand 13 feet high. The instrument is fitted with all the latest appliances, including clockwork of very delicate construction by which the telescope caused to follow the movement of the star on which it is fixed. The firm expect to pack and forward the instrument towards the end of the month.

York Herald Saturday 15th May 1880

The telescope for the Belgium Government may be inspected by those whose who are interested.

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