Monday 2 May 2022

A Confusing Flamsteed situation in Canis Minor


I have come across a Flamsteed numbered star problem in Canis Minor. Next  to the star Fl14 CMi which is a magnitude 5.3 K0 III type star, is a sgtar which is not labelled on star atlas 2000, it is in fact HD 66141 or G CMi which is a magnitude 4.4 K2 III star, this is a magnitude brighter yet not catalogued by Flamsteed.

On Atlas 2000 there is no reference number to this star so I was surprised when I came across the fact that the star was also designated as G CMi. 

This is the Gould System a system similar to the Flamsteed system that was introduced by Benjamin Gould when he published his Uranometria Argentina in 1879. On the Gould system this star would be catalogued as 50 G Canis Minoris.

If this is not confusing enough this star some how managed to get the designation of Fl13 Puppis. It then subsequently got a free transfer to Canis Minor.

It is all very confusing!!

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