Tuesday 12 August 2014

Little Gnome Sports Fact #1

1967 Charity Cup Match

Ex hurricane Bertha has been causing problems recently, but the weather was also a feature in the 1967 Charity Cup Final.

In was windy in 1967 at the FA Charity Cup final between Spurs and Man Utd.
After 8 minutes spurs goalkeeper Pat Jennings punted the ball into orbit from his own penalty area. It was wafted by a favouring wind over the half way line. Everyone waits for Alex Stepney the Man Utd keeper to catch the Ball.

The wind causes the arc of the falling football to confuse the Man Utd keeper. The ball bounces on the hard surface over the head of the advancing Alex Stepney into the goal.  It’s a goal scored by a goal keeper from his own penalty area!!

As the Times reported Stepney simple stares at Jennings giving him the look that one fast bowler in cricket gives to another when he bowls a bouncer. “Against union rules, old man, surely?”

The score ended 3-3. 

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