Sunday 31 March 2019

The Astronomy Show 01.04.19

The Astronomy Show 01.04.19

On the Astronomy Show tomorrow I will be looking at a new idea that is changing out view of water on the Red Planet. Astronomers had published work where they believe that Mars had big rivers for millions of years and this was long after most of its atmosphere had disappeared.

I will take a good look at the spring skies that we can see over the next few weeks and of course there will be the usual look at the night sky for the next 7 nights with a close look at the Plough which at this time of year is overhead. I will also be looking at reports that people might be able to sense magnetic storms.

Other astronomy news stories include details of tiny moons found in the ring system around Saturn. The Hubble Space Telescope has spotted a multi tailed active asteroid and the birth of a Great Dark Spot on Neptune. The astronomical scrapbook looking at anniversaries this week include in 1960 the launch of the first weather satellite and  Voyager 1 reached Jupiter in 1979. The Messier marathon is another double helping this week with M 99 and M 100 both galaxies in Coma Berenices. All this plus a round up of news from astronomical societies in the north of England.

This will be my last Astronomy show for a couple of weeks I will be back with the next Astronomy Show on Monday 22nd April.

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