Sunday 3 March 2019

The Astronomy Show 04.03.19

The Astronomy Show 04.03.19

The Astronomy Show returns tomorrow evening (Monday 4th March) following  my cruise to Norway and the  Arctic Circle in search of the Northern Lights, and yes we saw a wonderful display of the Northern Lights which were seen by everyone on the ship.

On the Astronomy Show this week I will be looking news that a space craft launched by the Russians in 1972 to study the planet Venus and which failed to leave Earth orbit could re enter the Earth's atmosphere later this year. It was designed to survive the harsh conditions of Venus so much of the 500 kg of the craft could survive re entry.

I will take a look at  the night sky over the next 7 nights as well as a review of sunspot activity on our local star the Sun. During February there were no sun spots seen at all. The astronomy news will look at stories including astronomers have observed a solar flare from a star in the Orion nebula that was 10 billion times stronger than any flare from our Sun! The Japanese space craft Hyabusa 2 has managed to snag the asteroid Ryugu and astronomers believe that planet 9 could be discovered within the next 10 years.

The astronomical scrapbook which looks at anniversaries this week in history includes in 1792 the birth of John Herschel, in 1807 the birth of the telescope maker Thomas Cooke and in 1977 rings were discovered around the planet Uranus. The Messier marathon has reached M 94 in Canes Venatici. There will also be the round up of news from the astronomical societies in the north of England.

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