Sunday 10 March 2019

The Astronomy Show 11.03.19

The Astronomy Show 11.03.19

On the Astronomy show tomorrow night (Monday 11th March) I will be looking at news that astronomers now think the K class stars might be ones that could support planets with life. K class stars are cooler than the Sun but brighter than some of the faintest stars.

I will be looking at the night sky for the next 7 nights and there will be a new feature in this part of the show which I will be calling the Constellation Profile. I will take a close look at one of the constellations that can be seen in the sky this week.This week I will be looking at Gemini its stars and nebula and its history and myths.

The other regular features include the latest astronomy news stories including news that the first 'mole ' on Mars has hits hard objects beneath the surface of the red planet and that Ceres could have had near surface water for millions of years. There could also be another problem with the Hubble Space Telescope. The astronomical scrapbook which looks at events that happened this week includes the fall of the Middlesbrough Meteorite in 1881 and the discovery of Uranus in 1781. The Messier marathon is another double helping with the galaxies M 95 and M 96 in Leo. This plus the round up of news from the astronomical societies in the north of England.

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