Monday 25 March 2019

The Astronomy Show 25.03.19

The Astronomy Show 25.03.19

On the Astronomy Show today I will be looking at astronomical events that rocked England, historically events such as the appearance of a comet or an eclipse of the Sun which  were used by astrologers to prevents events of doom and disaster.

I will be taking a look at the night sky over the  next 7 nights and with the clocks going forward next weekend this is the last week to see many of the winter constellations. The largest planet in the solar system Jupiter is still dominating the morning skies. I will also be looking at research that indicates that at the spring and autumn equinox there is the best chance to see aurora due to cracks in the Earth's magnetic field.

The other regular features include news that NASA may send a smallsat mission to the asteroid Pallas and that the Israeli moon lander will touch down close to Apollo landing sites. The astronomical scrapbook looking at anniversaries this week includes in 1811 the discovery of the Great comet and in 1991 George Alcock the famed British comet and nova hunter found his last nova. The Messier marathon has reached M98 in Coma Berenices. There will also be the usual round up of what is happening in the astronomical societies in the north of England.

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