Wednesday 24 June 2020

Astrognome A-Z of Constellations # 59 Ophiuchus

Ophiuchus the Serpent Holder
An ancient constellation, depicting a man encolied by a serpent (constellation of Serpens). He is identified as a mythological healer and forerunner of Hippocrates . He served as a ship’s doctor aboard the Argo.
Probably the most famous star in Ophiuchus is one that cannot be seen without binoculars or telescopes this is Barnard’s star a 9th magnitude star only 6.1 light years away, the fourth closest to the Sun after the 3 stars in the alpha centauri group. It was found by Edward Emmerson Barnard in 1916. It is a red dwarf star.
Ophiuchus is also in the zodiac this is the area of sky where we will always find the planets, yet very few astrologers seem to mention it.
The constellation covers a large area the brightest star alpha is known as Ras Alhague which means ‘Head of the Serpent Charmer’ it has a magnitude of mag 2.1 and is an A5 giant with a surface temperature of lying at a distance of 47 light years temp 7,500’C
Beta or Alrai which means ‘Shepherd’s Dog’ is a magnitude mag 2.8 star lying 82 light years away. Alrai ia a K2 giant star with a surface temperature of 4,100’C
Gamma at magnitude 3.8 is an AO class star with a temperature of 9,300 ‘C and is 102 light years away.
Delta or Yed Prior which means ‘Hand’ is of magnitude 2.8 and is a M0 red giant with a temperature of 3,400’C lying at a distance of 171 light years.
Epsilon or Yed Posterior which means the ‘Following star of the Hand’ is 106 light years away. Epsilon is a Gp giant star with a temperature of 4,600’C. Its magnitude is 3.2.
Eta is of magnitude 2.4 ans is 88 light years away. It is an type A1 star with a temperature of 9,600’C

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