Wednesday 17 June 2020

Solar Eclipse June 17th 1433

Solar Eclipse June 17th 1433

This eclipse was seen over all of Scotland where it was called ‘The Black Hour’ and along the north east coast of England down to North Yorkshire. In Scarborough totality lasted for 2 minutes and 46 seconds.

One reference says that in England ‘ The xi yeer of this kyng Harri, was the grete and general clip of the sunne on saynt Botolfis day; wherof moche peple was sor aferd’

In modern English this comment says that during ‘the 11th year of the reign of king Henry 6th the Sun was clipped and disappeared and many people were afraid’.

St Botolph of Thorney who died around 680 AD was an English abbot and saint. He is the patron saint of various aspects of farming. His feats day is celebrated on June 17th in England and June 25th in Scotland.

St Botolph of Thorney

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