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Liverpool Astronomer declared Bankupt


Liverpool Astronomer declared Bankupt

Liverpool Mercury Friday 19th May 1899

LIVERPOOL BANKRUPTCY COURT. THURSDAY, MAY 18th Before Mr. Registrar Bellringer.


Re William Edward Jackson.-This debtor, a commission agent, carrying on business at 10, Victoria-street, Liverpool, came up for public examination. The statement of affairs showed liabilities of £10,201, whilst the assets he re- turned at £10, 650, showing a surplus.-Mr. Layton appeared for the debtor, who was examined by the official receiver, and stated that for some years he had been in Constantinople in the service of the firm of John R. Thomson and Co., and subsequently came to this country to act as their sole agent. This was in 1895, and he then had a capital of about £2500. This consisted of shares, cash in hand and other matters, an interest in a paper mill in Constantinople, and also an astronomical observatory. The latter he valued at £600.-The official receiver having asked the debtor if he was an astronomer, the debtor replied that astronomy was his hobby, and that he had erected the observatory at his own charge, and furnished it with valuable in- instruments, at a total cost of £1200; he therefore thought he was within the mark in valuing it at £600. It appeared that the debtor had had extensive operations with the firm of Thomson and Sons in the matter of accommodation bills, which he had accepted, although he himself got no benefit from them, and that Thomson and Sons were now in liquidation.

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