Tuesday 19 January 2021

Possible move of Madras Observatory

Possible move of Madras Observatory 

Colonies and India Saturday 21st November 1891

The question of removing the Madras Observatory to a station in the Pulneys or Nilgiris is now occupying the attention of the Governments of India and Madras. The transfer is recommended in order to obtain an atmosphere with the minimum of cloud. If this project is carried out, solar observations will be carried on there instead of at Dehra, in the North-West Provinces.

Madras Observatory c1838

The Meteorological Department has arranged for a trial of observations in 1892, at Kodai Kanal, on the Pulneys, and Kotaigiri, on the Nilgiris. Mr. Michie will continue at present to officiate as Government Astronomer. The Astronomer Royal will be consulted next year on any future programme that may be suggested.

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