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The Madras Observatory


The Madras Observatory

Madras Weekly Mail Wednesday 5th February 1890

Mr. N. Pogson, C.L.E , Government Astronomer, in submitting an estimate of Rs. 2,772 for making certain repairs, reports an follows:

Herewith, I have the honor to submit, in duplicate, an estimate for necessary repairs of the Government Observatory, amounting to Rs 2,772, together with an accompanying report by H. Irwin, Esq., C.L.E the Consulting Architect to Government. The repairs have been much needed for some years past, but were deferred, as the transit circle could not then be spared without serious inconvenience. This fine instrument, which cost I, believe about £1,200, was under the very beams, the collapse of which was most imminent; so after Mr. Irwin’s warning I lost no time in dismounting and removing the transit circle on a strong temporary wooden roller stand to a more secure part of the observatory, pending the repairs of the transit circle room. The telescope cones, bearing the eyepiece and objective, the counterpoises, damps, microscopes, &c., were all taken off on November 16th, assisted by workmen from Messrs. P. Orr and Sons; in consequence of the risk in case of heavy rain, the remainder of the instrument, weighing about 400 lb, was carefully removed bodily on Sunday, November 17th, and the building placed at the Consulting Architect's disposal for whatever emergent precautions in the way of propping and otherwise securing the roof he might consider necessary. During the repairs of the transit room the Madras mean time has to be determined by means of a small transit instrument by Dollond, formerly in use between 1858 and 1862, but with which the time in less certain within half a second than it is within half-a-tenth of a second with the transit circle. The early completion of the repairs is most desirable and advantage will be taken meanwhile for thorough cleaning up of the large instrument on the spot under my own immediate superintendence with such help as I can obtain from Messrs. P. Orr & Sons. The estimate has been sanctioned by government.

Madras Observatory c 1890

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