Friday 15 January 2021

The Premeditated Suicide at Observatory House


The Premeditated Suicide at Observatory House

An interesting story from the chronicle of the Herschell family

Hull Daily Mail, Wednesday 14th September 1892

George Digby Cole, valet to a gentleman named Herschell, who resides at Observatory House, in the Windsor Road Slough, having had disagreement with his master, went on Monday afternoon to a chemist, and, pretending that required the drug for the purpose of poisoning a dog, obtained some prussic acid. He then proceeded to the house of his former employer, and, after using some improper language, took out the bottle and swallowed its poisonous contents. The man walked the room for few moments screaming and shouting in his death agonies till he fell exhausted to the floor.

Observatory House c1905

A surgeon attended as speedily as possible, and administered an emetic but he expired. It is said that Cole, who was considered rather an eccentric person, was walking shortly before he committed suicide with an undertaker, whom he asked to measure him for a coffin when he was dead.

I don’t know which member of the Herschell family was living at Observatory House at this time.

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