Tuesday 5 April 2016

Astrognome Scrapbook High Possil Meteorite

High Possil April 5th 1804

The High Possil meteorite fell on the morning of Thursday, 5th April 1804, in a quarry near High Possil, on the northern outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland. The High Possil meteorite is one of only four ever to have been found in Scotland.

The High Possil meteorite was one of a number of falls around the beginning of the 19th Century, which were witnessed, recovered and investigated thoroughly. 

High Possil is a stony meteorite, classified as an L6 ordinary chondrite - a very common type. The largest surviving piece is at the Hunterian Museum and weighs about 151g. 

The High Possil fall could perhaps be said to mark the beginning of modern meteorite science.

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