Wednesday 9 August 2017

The Astronomy Show 09.08.17

The Astronomy Show 09.08.17

Its meteor season here on the Astronomy Show today, the Perseid's are coming in now and reach their peak on the night of August 12/13, I will be looking all things meteor wise including what we might expect to see and the history of this shower.

I will be looking at the night sky for the next 7 days with the darker nights it is possible to begin to re familiarise ourselves with the night sky,  unfortunately on the only planet side of things only Saturn is really easily seen.

All the regular features will be here with the A- Z of constellations looking at Hercules which might be thought of as being a very bright group, however it is a rather large but faint and formless constellation. The Messier Marathon continues with M 38 the third of the messier objects in Auriga,

The Astronomical Scrapbook looks at events that happened this week in history including the launch of the Echo 1 a predecessor of the famous Telstar, the latest astronomy news plus what is happening in astronomical  societies in the north of England.

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