Wednesday 23 August 2017

The Astronomy Show 23.08.17

The Astronomy Show 23.08.17

On the Astronomy Show today I will be looking at the news that NASA scientists have discovered that Mars may experience snowstorms at night. We have snowstorms here on Earth but they can occur both in the day and night, I will be looking further into this latest news.

I will be taking the regular look at the night sky this week now all the excitement of the solar eclipse has passed,  I watched it on NASA TV and it was just incredible.

The other normal features include the latest astronomy news including  the NASA mission to study the Sun, and a white dwarf that may have survived a supernova explosion. The A-Z of constellations has now reached Hydra which although the largest constellation is not the brightest and has only one brightish star, the Messier Marathon continues with M 40 which is not even a nebula or cluster!

The astronomy scrapbook looks at events this week in history including  lots of voyager anniversaries, plus the great Moon hoax. This and the latest events at the astronomical societies in the north.

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