Wednesday 16 August 2017

The Astronomy Show 16.08.17

The Astronomy Show 16.08.17

Everyone has been talking about it the Great American Eclipse of the Sun which will occur on August 21st and will be seen from the West Coast to the East Coast, sadly we can't see it in Britain but on the  Astronomy Show I will be looking at exactly what an eclipse of the Sun is how it happens and what astronomers can learn, plus the mythology attached to what is probably the most spectacular event that can be seen in the sky.

There will be the weekly look at the night sky and a report on the Perseid meteor shower, despite the brightness of the Moon I was able to see some meteors.

The regular features include the A-Z of constellations which this week looks at Horologium the Pendulum Clock a southern constellation which is faint and obscure. The Messier Marathon is now at M 39 an open cluster in Cygnus.

The latest astronomy news will be featured plus the astronomical scrapbook which looks at astronomical anniversaries this week, and all the news from the astronomical societies in the north.

The Astronomy Show every Wednesday from 3 p to 5 pm with Martin Lunn only on Drystone Radio 103.5 FM, you can listen on line at or catch the show later on the podcast.

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