Monday 20 April 2020

Astronomy in Yorkshire # 11 April 20th 1902 bright meteor seen over Bradford

April 20th 1902 bright meteor seen over Bradford

On April 20th 1902 Mr G. Fisk of Ecceshill, Bradford saw a large meteor brighter than Venus. It appears to have travelled from alpha Draco and disappeared near gamma Ursa Minor.

Intensley blue in colour and the meteor cast a shadow, though the Moon was nearly full. The duration of the meteor was 1.5 seconds. It was not a Lyrid.

Ed Note the star alpha Draco whose proper name is Thuban was at the time of the building of the great pyramids in Egypt the North Star. The position of the North Star changes over a period of thousands of year due to the Earth wobbling slightly on its axis.

The annual Lyrid metoer shower peaks every year on the night of April 21st/22nd. The fact that Mr Fisk says it is not a Lyrid suggests that he had a knowledge of the night sky and knew about meteor showers.

Bright Meteor

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