Friday 10 April 2020

Astronomy in Yorkshire # 8 April 10th 1878 Thomas Cooke and the Singing Telephone

Thomas Cooke and the Singing Telephone

April 10th 1878

Some important improvements have been made upon Professor Bells’ telephone recently in York by Mr E Cox Walker of Messrs T Cooke and Sons, opticians of this city.

Reporters had the privilege on the evening of Wednesday 10th April 1878 of witnessing some experiments with the improved telephone on Messrs Cook’s premises in Coney Street with Mr Cox Walker. Conversations were carried out and songs sung through the type of telephone designed by Professor Bell and the new improved telephone of Mr Cox Walker. Comparisons could be made and it was found that the Cox Walker telephones were twice as affective as transmitting sounds.

The results were not only in the transmission of the human voice but precisely the same effect was observable when the strains of a violin and a small musical box were sent through. The softest notes of the violin were heard with marvellous clearness.

Mr Cox Walker hopes to be able to improve the intensity of the sound.

Advert from 1878 for telephones from Cookes

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